Our Mission

To be the trusted partner for innovative calcium phosphate solutions.




Our Vision

Through our devotion to excellence and unstoppable passion for science, we will be the company of choice for cutting edge calcium phosphate solutions and services worldwide. We meet the highest quality standards at competitive prices enabling our customers to improve lives.





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Our Core Values




Company Profile

Our roots
The roots of CAM Bioceramics B.V. lie in 1985, when HC Implants B.V. and CAM Implants B.V. were established as a spin-off from the University of Leiden. In 1989, both HC and CAM Implants set up a quality system based on the American cGMP regulations and guidelines. In 1993, Osteotech Inc, an American producer of human allografts, acquired HC and CAM Implants and in 1994, gained the first ISO certification. Following a management buyout in 2002, HC and CAM had fused to become CAM Implants B.V. which became an independent, privately owned company. CAM Implants B.V. changed its name to CAM Bioceramics B.V. in 2008.

In the 1980s, we were the first company to provide innovative HA plasma-sprayed coatings on orthopedic implants. Since then, our pioneering work has led to the worldwide adoption of plasma- sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings. HA Coating was the first step in the formation of the fully-fledged organization we are today.

In-house R&D and manufacturing
As a dedicated contract development and manufacturing organization, we have set up robust processes to manufacture an extensive portfolio 

of orthobiologic calcium phosphates. CAM Bioceramics is able to develop, manufacture and package orthobiologic calcium phosphate powders, granules, blocks and excipients. We deliver these components to many industry leaders in the orthopedic, dental and aesthetic sectors.

Robust ISO 13485 compliance
Our entire team at CAM Bioceramics is committed to meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations. Our class-7 cleanrooms enable our experienced staff of engineering, production, and quality assurance & control specialists to produce to robust ISO 13485 compliance, while maintaining a competitive pricing strategy.

Close to global hubs
Our offices and in-house production facilities are located in Leiden Bio Science Park, a leading life sciences cluster. Situated close to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and other major European and global logistics hubs, we provide a highly reliable service to customers all over the world.





Management Team

  • Caspar Hogeboom has served as CEO of CAM Holding Leiden B.V. since April 2016. Prior to joining CAM, Mr. Hogeboom worked at Cerus Corporation from 2006 to 2016 where he held several positions. From 2008 to 2016 he was President of Cerus Europe and EEMEA. Before Cerus, Mr. Hogeboom worked at Baxter Healthcare Europe where he held several European management, sales and marketing positions from 1992 to 2006. Prior to Baxter, Mr. Hogeboom worked in various sales and marketing positions at Maxxim Medical in the Netherlands.

  • Prior to joining CAM Bioceramics in 2017 Magdalena Martynska held various senior positions in the field of technology and quality in the pharma industry. During the 9 years at GSK Pharmaceuticals, she gained extensive experience in managing international projects involving full-tech transfers, the implementation of new processes and products, and Lean Six Sigma. Mrs. Martynska has also worked on a greenfield project, setting up the quality structure, putting together a quality and technology team, and implementing the quality system for a factory start-up. She holds a Master’s of Science degree in Chemical Technology, specializing in Chemical Engineering.

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  • Prior to joining CAM Bioceramics B.V. in August 2018, Tamar de Geus held the title of ‘HR Manager Benelux’ at TIP Trailer Services Netherlands B.V, for 7 years. She was responsible for recruitment, education & development and overall support of employees and managers in HR-related matters. Before TIP, Tamar worked for 6 years at Mentor Medical Systems as an HR Specialist. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

  • Prior to joining CAM Bioceramics in 2017, Karl-Heinz Boehle worked as an independent market access / strategy consultant in the healthcare sector. He brings over 15 years of experience working in various Business Development, Sales & Marketing roles in the healthcare sector serving customers across EMEA. Karl-Heinz worked for different Johnson & Johnson divisions, TE Connectivitys’ Medical Business Unit and at Cerus. Karl-Heinz holds Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and a MBA.

  • Edwin Gonzalez joined the CAM Bioceramics team in 2009. Previously he worked as Finance Manager at Alto Nederland (later merged into Nilfisk-Advance) and before that, as Controller at Radiometer Nederland. Gonzalez has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics.









CAM Bioceramics understands the need for constant high quality. We have a track record in demonstrating our ability to provide calcium phosphates and related services that consistently meet customer needs and the regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices and related services. CAM Bioceramics has established, documented and implemented a quality management system, and maintains its effectiveness through this manual and the associated procedures.

The CAM Bioceramics quality management system is ISO certified:
ISO 13485, Medical devices—Quality management systems—Requirements for regulatory purposes.






All of our materials are manufactured using raw materials that we synthesize in-house. With several different production methods available, we can offer considerable flexibility and a wide range of products. We have production methods for large volumes, as well as efficient processes in place for smaller quantities. From our satisfied customers, we know that we have a unique combination of knowledge, expertise and production capacity.

Our in-house production processes include:

  • Spray drying
  • Sintering
  • Sieving/Classifying
  • Milling
  • High Shear Granulation
  • Crushing
  • High Pressure Compressing

Our approach of using in-house production of the raw materials allows us to control the output to the highest possible degree. All of the in-process and final controls you would expect are available:

  • XRD, FTIR measurements on chemical composition
  • Elemental analyses on impurities
  • Laser diffraction, density measurements and SEM imaging for particle characterization
  • Tensile strength testing for coating purposes

Our in-process controls guarantee that we comply with applicable standards (ISO, USP and Ph. Eur), and also assure that our batch-to-batch consistency is monitored.

To live up to our reputation, we develop powders and granules using production, rather than lab equipment. This enables us to safeguard process validation and production, without the need to address scaling up issues.

If you have developed an innovative calcium phosphate or similar material yourself, and are looking for an industrial partner to scale up, please contact us.






CAM Bioceramics is a preferred and long-term partner with industry leaders in the orthopedic, dental and biomedical industry.

Started as a university spin-off, CAM Bioceramics has always maintained a close partnership with universities. We are involved in many clinical and 

relationship with world-class universities, opens up an impressive network of early innovations and leading-edge technologies. With different production methods available, we offer considerable flexibility to transform a revolutionary idea to upscale production, approved by regulatory bodies.





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