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Company profile

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Cam Bioceramics

Cam bioceramics is a high quality contract manufacturer for orthobiological calcium compositions. In our recently expanded facility we develop, design and manufacture calcium compositions. We supply many succesful companies in the orthopaedic, dental, spinal and aesthetics markets, and are valued as a reliable partner. As an ISO13485 certified manufacturer, equipped with the most modern equipment, several ISO class 7 clean rooms and an experienced staff, we are able to manufture any type of calcium composition you need.

Our extensive experience comes from decades of experience. Cam Bioceramics started by developing and providing innovative HA plasma coatings in the 1980's and is formerly know as Cam Implants. Cam Bioceramics started out as a succesful spin-off from Leiden University. Providing HA coatings on many types of implants was the first step to what is now a well rounded company that manufactures highly pure calcium compositions, and still provides excellent HA Plasma Coatings services.

Over the years Cam Bioceramics has further developed itself and now has many techniques and materials available to manufacture the materials you are looking for.

With our experienced staff of production, engineering and quality employees we know how to produce the highest quality available, while maintaining a competitive pricing strategy.

Our brand new class 7 clean rooms, solid ISO 13485 compliance and convenient proximity to the Amsterdam airport and other logistical hubs allow us to reliably service customers all over the world.