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HA Plasma Coating Services

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HA Plasma Coating

With our long time experience as an HA coating service supplier we know just what is important to you when it comes to HA coatings. You want flawless coatings, great service and short leadtimes. You might even be looking for our full service packaging and sterilization services. Look no further: With our decades of experience in HA Plasma Coating we are the premier supplier for you.

We specialize in the most challenging and demanding implants, and over the years have been involved in providing HA coatings for patient specific implants as well as large quantities of dental, orthopedic and other implants.


HA Coating Powders

If you apply your own coatings in-house, you are looking for the best performing coating powders in the market. Due to our own extensive experience with HA Coating and our sofisticated production processes we can tweek our coating powders to give the best attainable results for your specific coating set up.

When you buy coating powders at Cam Bioceramics you don't just buy the material, you partner up with one of the most experienced HA Coating Suppliers in the world. Experience that we use to invest in our customers, contributing to your bottom line results.

You need the best performing powders for your specific coating process, delivering a stabile and robust coating. We have a wide variety of coating powders and we can customize any of these to meet your process and product requirements.

Our coating powders have been used on hundreds of thousands of implants, many of which were coated at Cam Bioceramics. We have specialized ourselves in coating the most demanding implants, making good use of our decades of experience in HA Coating. 

If you are looking to source an HA coating powder or would like to know more about our coating services, please contact us